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Your friendly sheep farmer dedicated to bringing you the best possible dorper sheep and the most delicious meats! Located in Strawberry Arkansas, and serving all of Arkansas, southern MO, and west TN. We work with farmers looking to establish white dorper sheep herds, or anyone looking for a delicious leg of lamb or other lamb meat!


Our Mission

As a passionate sheep farmer, my goal is to use selective breeding and quality management to bring out the absolute best in my sheep. Whether that's breeding stock or grass-fed lamb for the grill, we want to provide the most value for your dollar.

Get Acquainted

Welcome to Reeds Creek Farms. The sheep idea started in 2014 while we were in the registered cattle business. There was a 20 acre piece of ground that was too rocky and grown up to run cows efficiently so we put goats on it. After several years of trying to keep the goats healthy and inside the fence we finally sold them and bought 20 sheep. 2 years later I decided it was time to increase the sheep production and get serious with it.

I’ve always loved the challenges of breeding the best animals I can possibly produce. The number 1 goal here is to produce functional sheep that thrive on pasture with very little inputs. These sheep are expected to shed every year with no shearing, raise big lambs without the extra expense of feeding grain, and require very little deworming. We deworm the main flock once a year and any sheep that needs to be dewormed more than twice a year is culled. The flock is foot rot free and does not require hoof trimming.

We do rotational grazing to maximize the health of the sheep and keep a healthy pasture. We currently run about 150 ewes on 45 acres of pasture. Most of the ewes are commercial high percentage Dorper and White Dorper along with a small flock of registered White Dorpers. These are not bred for show but are designed to make a profit on pasture.

We are located in Strawberry Arkansas. We service Batesville, Newport, Jonesboro, Paraguould, Walnut Ridge, Pocahontas, Hardy, Cherokee Village, Horseshoe Bend, Salem, Melbourne, Pleasant Plains, Mountain View, Concord, Bradford or anywhere in Arkansas, Southern Missouri, and Eastern Tennessee.

Feel free to contact us with questions or schedule a visit to see if we can fill your needs.

Duane Miller

Duane Miller