Arkansas Dorper Sheep and Lamb Meat

We take pride in only offering the best white dorper sheep and the most delicious grass-fed meats


White Dorper Rams

White Dorper Rams for sale

Most of our breeding rams come from Lewis White Dorpers and Clover Leaf Farm. They have proven to fit our program very well. We have several different bloodlines from them that we use for genetic diversity. If you buy ewes from us, we can also pick out an unrelated ram for you to breed those ewes.

Only our top ram lambs are selected each year to be sold as breeding rams. We select for correct foot structure, genetic worm resistance, growth, hair coat, and temperament. We constantly watch the ram lambs as they get older, and any ram that doesn't meet our expectations is culled and sold for meat.

Commercial ram lambs are priced at $350 and registered rams start at $450. We are sold out of ram lambs, but are taking order for summer 2023.

Commercial Ram


Registered Ram


White Dorper Ewes

White dorper ewes for sale

Our ewes usually lamb in early April to take advantage of the spring flush of grass when their nutritional requirements are the highest. We have done some fall and winter lambing, but found that when raising them totally on grass, it works much better to lamb in spring and is less labor intensive. Since I also have a full time job off the farm that plays a big part in lambing decisions. It is definitely possible to raise 3 sets of lambs in 2 years.

The ewe lambs are typically sold around 3-4 months of age. These lambs are from genetics proven to thrive on pasture. They can be exposed to a ram the first fall when they are 7-10 months old and if managed properly most will breed at that time.

Ewe lambs are priced at $325 each with multiple discounts available. We are currently sold out of ewe lambs. You may place an order for summer 2023.

Prices starting from


Grass-Fed Meats

Fresh, grass-fed lamb meat for sale

Beyond Organic - Lambs from Reeds Creek Farms are raised naturally on pasture here in northeastern Arkansas with no added hormones or fed antibiotics. Lambs are grown during the grazing season to a size of about 80 lbs. The meat is cut to your specifications (I can send you a copy of the cuts available), vacuum wrapped, labeled, and frozen.

Grass fed meats have many benefits over grain fed. It has more protein, more vitamin E and C, and less fat, less cholesterol, and fewer calories. Grass fed lamb meat has one of the highest levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fatty acids, both heart healthy fatty acids. Plus the flavor is great! It’s hard to beat grilled lamb chops or a leg of lamb roast!

You can order half a lamb (about 15 lbs. processed) or a whole lamb (about 30 lbs. processed). Orders must be picked up at my farm or directly from the meat plant.

Whole Lamb


Half Lamb


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